Company Profile

KÖKSAN Pet Packaging Ind. Co. has been in the packaging industry since 1968, starting its journey as a tin can producer. Then later moved on to make PET bottles and jars. Currently the company produces PET jars, PET preforms, PET Sheets, PE Closures and PET Resin.
KÖKSAN Inc. sets its highest priority to always keep superior quality while working with reputable purchasers and the most cost effective suppliers.
KÖKSAN has added value and provided greatly to the growth of the packaging sector.
Not only leading the region, KÖKSAN is also the largest ‘under-one-roof’ producer of Closures, PET Sheets, PET Preforms, PET Resin and PET Jars. Sitting on a total land mass of 300,000 square meters, with 201,000 of it enclosed.
Surpassing international standards, KÖKSAN Inc. manufactures all of its products using the latest technology, allowing for a very high production capacity.
KÖKSAN been fortunate enough to do business with global brands since 1968.
KÖKSAN is proud to provide its services to the below operating companies.
1 -) Water Companies 
2 -) Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drink Manufacturers
3 -) Fruit Juice Manufacturers
4 -) Vegetable Oil Manufacturers
5 -) Vinegar Manufacturers 
6 -) Lemon Juice Manufacturers
7 -) Turnip Manufacturers
8-) Ketchup Manufacturers 
9 -) Miscellaneous