Environmental Policy and Technology

Nature is our responsibility
KÖKSAN Inc.’s primary mission is to minimize environmental damage; to use natural resources on an optimum level, participation of all our employees by providing trainings and systems to continuously improve the effectiveness of management systems. 
For this purpose the latest technologies and applications currently being implemented include:
• R-Pet
• OXO-Biodegradable 
• AA & AA Blocker
• UV Stabilizer

Smart Stabilizer

In order to save energy during the process of heating employed for the production of bottles from preform, preforms with special additives are produced and energy conservation up to 20% is obtained in the heating energy.


UV Stabilizer

In order to help to the protection of the materials with UV sensitivity in pet packages, the UV blockers are employed for this purpose and it was aimed to minimize the UV based decaying of the materials to be put in the packages and their interaction.  



Kullanılmış PET şişelerin doğadan geri toplanarak belirli bir prosesten geçirilip Gıdaya uygun (FDA onaylı) PET Chips haline getirilerek "PET şişe yapımında" kullanılmasıdır.
Köksan A.Ş. olarak, müşterilerimizin talepleri doğrultusunda özellikle R-Pet ten üretilmiş preform kullanma zorunluluğu bulunan ülkelerdeki Su ve Meşrubat kullanımlarında müştri isteğine bağlı olarak çeşitli oranlarda R-PET kullanmaktayız.


which is a special admixture material that accelerates the “natural decaying process” of the plastic materials buried in soil is a material in conformity with food. Köksan is the leading firm to provide OXO-BIODEGRADABLE in PET packages and in line with the demands of the customers as well as being among a few firms to in the world to give such services.


AA Blocker

AA (AsetAldehit) is a chemical component which naturally exists in the PET raw-material with the maximum proportion of 1% and this proportion increase throughout the processing process. If a lot of AA is formed in the structure of PET package, a bad smell occurs and disturbs the user; this occasion is a problem which is frequently observed in the use of natural mineral water. They are special additives which are appropriate for food and they are employed to keep the levels of AA amounts at a definite amount in PET packages through preventing this occasion with AA Blockers.

As Köksan, we can keep the AA levels in the PET packages (preform) we produce at the rates that our customers may demand through employing AA Blocker.  


Greener World Sunumu

Greener World Sunumu