A unique assignation of quality and technology

Each product manufactured in our plant is obtained through our highest technology equipment at highest quality and with huge meticulousness by our professional employees.

Environmental Policy and Technology

  • R-Pet

    Nature is our responsibility   KÖKSAN Inc.’s primary mission is to minimize environmental damage; to use natural resources..
  • Oxo-Biodegradable

    OXO-BIODEGRADABLE which is a special admixture material that accelerates the “natural decaying process” of the plastic materials..
  • AA Blocker

    AA (AsetAldehit) is a chemical component which naturally exists in the PET raw-material with the maximum proportion of 1% and this proportion..
  • UV Stabilizer

    In order to help to the protection of the materials with UV sensitivity in pet packages, the UV blockers are employed for this purpose and it was..
  • Smart Stabilizer

    In order to save energy during the process of heating employed for the production of bottles from preform, preforms with special additives are..

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Nature is our responsibility.

As Köksan family, all our products are manufactured nature-friendly and environment-friendly.


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