KÖKSAN Products on 5 continents; in 82 countries

KÖKSAN preforms and Eurocap® branded Closures are being exported into 82 countries in 5 continents around the world. Our company provides PET Packaging solutions for Water applications, Carbonates Soft Drink applications, and Edible Oil industries with 50% of its total production. In domestic market, KÖKSAN preforms and Eurocap® branded closures make 40% market share and increase the global market share by new investments. 
KÖKSAN Pet Packaging Industry Co. Board Member and CEO Murat KÖKOĞLU, explains "Through wide Sales; Marketing and distribution network, we deliver our product  to all points of the country. Our factory engaged in the investment of Hendek plant aiming to provide better and fast services to the Marmara region and the Balkans. Export sales makes up 50 percent of our total sales. In this context, we have extended our exports adventure in to 82 countries globally where initially started with only Iraq. We are taking market differentiation seriously for the product efficacy and sustainability where we produce seasonal sensitive products.