Dear Stakeholders,
While social and economical impacts of corona virus (Covid-19), which is expressed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic, are increasing fastly, we have created an action plan to fight corona epidemic, raise awareness of employees and protect all human resources, including our stakeholders, from the effects of the epidemic as Köksan Holding.
1) There is no any viral infection risk on the products because of the high temperature (270°C - 300°C) manufacturing process applied. Subsequent processes, packaging and dispatching, are done with our equipped and trained personnels by the aid of technological infrastructure.
2) Disinfection of the vehicles used for the dispatching with anti-virals and biocidals are done before loading.
3) Service suppliers of logistics were informed about the precautions taken and procedures that drivers must follow before entering Köksan and customer plants were prepared as below:
Drivers and service supplier personnels are not be allowed to enter the social areas in the plant and they kept in the vehicle as much as possible.
Mask(N95 FFP3) and gloves(EN ISO 374-5:2016) are given to drivers and service supplier personnel before entering to plant area.
Temperatures of drivers and supplier personnels are taken before entering to plant area and suspects will not be allowed to enter to plant and directed to health service.
4) Köksan personnels and their families’ health are continuously controlled with contracted doctors and their protective health equipments are supplied. Also the working areas in the plant are disinfected periodicaly and all employee-oriented applications are done minutely.
5) All national and international visits and travels have been cancelled. And all meetings have been started to be held by teleconference method.
6) The number of disinfection stations and controls have been increased. All personnel are contiuously informed to increase the awareness to corona.
Our corporation, which constantly struggles with biological risks and puts human health at the center of production and management decisions; designs its culture, policies and values for the development of its stakeholders and its institutional capacity to increase. The continuity of our stakeholder relationships based on mutual benefit goes through increasing the transparent and gradual social impact. We present it to the information of you, our valuable stakeholder, and wish you healthy work.
Kindly Regards,